Artist: MONSTA X
Song: Wish on the same sky (English Translation)
Album: Wish on the same sky – Single
Year: 2020


Hey I want you to see the happy me, smiling
Maybe not today, things aren’t going so well
In this expanding room, the graffiti on the walls are smiling
The counts of all the memories are making me miss you more

I hate losing and I cry sometimes
Oh you’re the one
Oh baby you’re the one yeah
That intensity you show sometimes and how you crack a smile
Everything is warm

Wish on the same sky, our irreplaceable bond
I can’t describe it in words, so we’re singing today with your soul
This is not goodbye, we will shine here
Hoping you’ll get this message
At the place I was always with you

Credits to: @OA7HKEEPERS

Full lyrics soon!


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